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House Extensions

We was born out of passion for remodelling and improving the existing space in your home. Its work ethic, the use of contemporary and quality materials make it a strong contender on a house extensions market. RL Builders Ltd reputation has been growing over the past years when a local company started working on small projects, doing home improvements, conversions and home extensions across the UK, slowly moving towards bigger and bigger jobs.

The company offers an extensive range of services, starting from approved building plans and blueprints, finishing on a complete design; all that, delivered on time and within budget. When you feel that you would like to extend your property, our fully qualified team of surveyors, architects and builders will fully satisfy your requirements.

If you wish to extend your leaving space or a kitchen, an extension of your house to the garden can always be the best way to create extra room, and make the space more usable. It is especially important for growing families, and it is a hassle free alternative to moving house. There are many advantages of doing such work in your property, as the cost of extension is generally cheaper, than moving. You also have full control of your extension design and it adds value to your property.